Tell Me the Qualities of a Most Marvelous Wife

Do me a favor and pretend to hear this in the most awesome version of my teacher voice:

“…and after all of that hard work, here is an assignment that I think we will all enjoy. I want you all to go out and figure out the exact qualities that make women most marvelous wives.”


So, yeah…I’m looking for adult input, but now that I think of it…I wish I was still a teacher because a large group of third graders would probably have the best answers.

I’m going to be on the hunt today and watching strangers with abandon while doing chores and basketball games and such.

Wouldn’t it be cool, if just by paying attention, I could take advantage of my new status as an urban dweller and uncover the secrets to being a super fantastic, better than most wife?

It’s just a thought. I’m eager for input from anyone who already knows. What are the qualities of woman who you know who seems to be a super great wife?

I’m marking my calender with a date with myself tonight to write my report.

Re-insert teacher voice: “…this assignment is due by 9:00 p.m., central time, on November 12, 2011.”

Yes ‘um.

3 thoughts on “Tell Me the Qualities of a Most Marvelous Wife

  1. Sorry this is late teach– my dog ate the first copy.

    Good Wife…..hmmmm..2 things
    1. She is always honest—always. I’m not saying go ahead and tell him much those shoes really cost ( like he truly cares or could understand) I’m saying do not lie–do not say ” I’m fine when you’re not, or “no Susie does not have detention tomorrow” when she does.

    2. Love him at his personal best and even more at his worst– be willing to go to the dark places with him instead of yelling and fussing when he does. A good wife says ” How can I help you/ what’s really wrong?” When her spouse is being a total ass..b/c he is not really a total ass, he is a great guy having an ass day, so be his best friend and lend a hand instead of yammering away about what an ass he is being– he knows he is being one, doesn’t like either and wants TLC, not nagging. ( of course I assume she will not tolerate verbal/emotional abuse–I am referring to a once in a blue moon bad day) A great wife lets you know you are loved extra when you are extra unlovable.

    • Colleen – thank you for leaving such a thought filled response! You hit on some really good points. Lying is an easy and slippery slope. More than being a “no no” It can become a place to hide. You make a good point that it can create a divide. And what a tough assignment you give Miss Teacher Pants! (by the way, did you get Clarks? I saw some really cute clogs that would look good on you). So you are saying that when husbands are the hardest to live with we shouldn’t take it personally and make it all about us? gosh…you drive a hard bargain little missy.

      thank you for your support Colleen!

  2. Thanks Kate,
    I wasn’t shoe shopping recent;y–just shoes are my favorite thing to shop for and I daydream about them often ;> and yep when the guys are hard to live with is when for me the challenge of a marriage vow really happens–it is easy to “do unto to others” when they are being nice–for me the real trip is in treating him how I would really want to be treated– even thought I am super cranky

    ps. I love clogs and agree that Clarks are great shoes

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