And One More About the Last But Not Least

My posts this week have been about my kids.

Nine minutes and counting and we are squeezing four fifths of the family into the car with:

  • luggage
  • some boredom busters for me and the youngest
  • luggage
  • and like, a lot of presents.


And two dogs.

Which is where my son comes in.

You know, right now, and this may change because he’s only nine, but my favorite thing about our Joe is that he is very, very expansive.

Expensive too sometimes (puppies with a pedigree? I said never again…eye roll).

He’s a smart guy so he’ll figure out how to afford himself eventually.

But family and friends who really know him would agree.


I really like that.

Not sure how that characteristic will go in the car with said items…but, to grandmother’s house we go!

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