Forgiveness Friday: New Year’s Hopes


Would anyone like to join me in what I might turn into a new personal tradition?

This year I’m going to make New Year’s Hopes rather than resolutions.

It’s a sort of backwards idea, because I’ve been feeling particularly bad about not being someone with very much resolve. Maybe in the process of listing, and maybe crossing off, and thinking about what my hopes are for the new year, I’ll be able to figure out, say, a resolve plan.

Resolve Plan?

Yikies. That sounds really strange and over thought and more work than it’s worth.

So what – maybe I’m onto something.

Anyone want to join in on the game?

Feel free to email – I think I’ve forgotten to find a way to highlight contact info on this new blog   – I can be reached at 

Or…leave a comment here or on Facebook and let me know how your hope list is going. Or not going!

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