My Binoculars are On the Magi

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When experiencing some stress while working with my husband John for our family’s first “take Santa, Jesus and all of Christmas on the road” show, I was cheered by some kid quotes from my friend Colleen and took note.

And this morning, the first one of the New Year, I’m well.

Doing okay.

I told my father on the phone last night as we talked about him selling the last property that he bought with my mother that I’d like to somehow help.

Just think about it Dad. I want to help this time, from afar, and right there with you, so plan to come and help somehow in person.

Just think about what would be the most help and I will head East in early summer.

I do want to help him. What is tricky though, and as he becomes more handsome with age, but understandably a very touch bit more frail, I’m hearing his same old:

no worries Katherine, I’m fine…you have your plate full and I don’t want to keep you from that.

And even the typical,

So. While I have you on the phone

let’s talk calendars soon, shall we?

(Daughter smacks forehead…damn, forgot to get him a page a day calendar. Remembers that he is an Epiphany baby and adds to list of happy clearance sales to conquer)

I think the last time we talked about his visit I raised his blood pressure a bit with questions for his nephrologist about safe plane travel for a talented traveler like himself.

(Father rubs head and remembers that she worries and adds to list of either try to remember and, ‘oh hell why not’.)

So. All of this to say. is that the bittersweet truth is that trying to keep up with both the well-traveled members of our family and the young who can’t be stopped on I80W, is uh, scary.

Which leads to the perfect time to mention that my top favorite set of bible readings and a main reason I that stay Catholic, is the Feast of the Epiphany.

By taking a knee to ask for patience to appreciate the simple, I’m invited by this story to trust in the fact that I can always go home by another way.

Here is a link to a clip, if you’d like, of a High School Student named Mason rockin’ his mama’s socks with a song that tells the Magi story.

Happy New Year everyone. Safe travels as many of us look forward to two more weekends of holiday until the quiet of Ordinary Church time returns.

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