Garden Review

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Throwback at Trapper Creek

January Kingcabbage

Redbor kale

Brassicas are the mainstay in our garden and really if you think about it in our diets as well.  Good thing, they grow well here in all seasons in our climate.  The freezer is stuffed with summer brassicas like cauliflower and broccoli, and we eat hardy kales and cabbages from the garden in the winter.  But we try to vary our diet beyond cole crops.

The best skill for a gardener to possess is patience.  We had the coldest spring in 50 some years this year, which made it hard to get a good start on the garden.  I skipped some warm weather crops in ’10, and rightfully so, planting corn and beans would have been a waste of my seed.  This year though, despite the cool beginning, warm weather crops did well.  Sweet corn ripened, beans dried, winter squash and pumpkins were abundant,  and…

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