More On My Smitten Status With Fence Lattice

Yesterday I hinted with an illustration in my post that one of my favorite pastors is a goat peeking through a fence.

Now, some of my former pastors (we’ve recently moved and I am enjoying getting to know a wide choice of great church leaders in our big new town) would have been offended and confused by this insinuation.

I was raised to be civil and polite though, and I know that depending on the person, calling them a goat can be funny, nice, confusing or, just plain out strange.

Our two most recent pastors, I think, got to know me well enough to trust that they were being given a great compliment when I would come out with something odd rather than “great job at the altar buddy!” I try to continue to tell them that they do a great job and I felt spoiled under their care.

And I did fib a little bit. Among the animal Kingdom I’ve gotten attached to lots of species, but not yet a goat.

I wasn’t joking that wildlife and pets have always been a pathway to forgiving the harshness of life and understanding that no matter how much I screw up, the Holy Spirit is laughing with me, and never at me.

What got my sleep deprived brain to this silly image though, is that I really, really get what Rabbi Ismar Schorsch is saying in this article about how God’s love is, well,

freakish to many of us on a very regular basis.

I am officially smitten with the image of pastors being fence lattice, so my jump to goat ministry isn’t completely nuts. Here is a link leading to more from Rabbi Schorsch who posted in a great site called Beliefnet:

A Handy Blessing

A meditation on the priestly blessing and

God’s alienation from humanity

What do you think?

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