Forgiveness Friday: Now is the Time

“Now is the time.”

“The time is right.”

These are the two phrases that are going to be sticky noted by my desk today. Perhaps I will tape them to my ears.

Rather than utilizing Word-Sunday, my favorite online Catholic lectionary and reflection source, I tapped into a Methodist website that I’ve been subscribed to for months but haven’t had chance to explore.

.“Now is the time.”

“The time is right.”

Continued fist bumps to Larry at Word-Sunday, and now a high-five to the staff at Alive Now for their Audio Lectio.

This website and accompanying blog is totally tubular dude. I spend so much time reading and writing, that, I kid you not, the nine minutes that I grabbed of solitude yesterday listening to this coming Sunday’s Gospel may have saved my family from my wrath for the entire weekend.

At a minimum, my aging eyes were given a deserved break.

Want to hear what I heard? Click HERE.

No time to listen? Gotcha baby – I’m on that frantic path myself.

Both yesterday and today, when I listened to the Gospel, the phrase that I grabbed onto like an after school Twinkie was:

.“Now is the time.”

This morning I read the Gospel story and another version of the phrase was:

“The time is right.”

The story is about Jesus passing by two sets of brothers who are both working in pairs on a shore. Jesus invites them to go do some work with him inland spreading his message of peace and faith.

At first I wanted to hear the message of “now” over and over because I am working so hard to up my game in terms of being more focused and time savvy, rather than my typical distracted, and avoidant self. It’s so much easier to hear “hurry up!” in the voice of Jesus than from my loving housemates who remind and cajole me into laundry, food, basketball and dog treats.

Besides. Jesus doesn’t need lasagna. He just wants me to remember to be nice, and to keep my eye on a bunch of cool prizes such as laughter and sound sleep.


Forgiveness Friday in my snow filled part of the planet is about self forgiveness.

‘S happening in your kitchen or on your work shore?

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