Dr. Ron Breazeale: Don’t Discount Woe-Mongers

 “Catastrophic thinking needs to be managed,

not discounted.”

Ron Breazeale

You know, when I read this a moment ago it felt a lot better than what I am hearing from the imaginary jerk on my shoulder.  Rather than listening to my concerns about something creepy that has popped up on my calender this week, this guy, who is not actually in this room is pitching nasty “positive thinking advise” such as:

“Suck it up buttercup.”

“Trust the force Luke.”

“ An ounce of success is worth a pound of positive thinking.”

“People who expect to fail are usually right.”

And even,

Get this!

“Learn to mock the woe-mongers.”

Okay, that last one has me swinging and might I warn that I am the great-granddaughter of Irish brawlers with mighty fine aim.

Let’s just name this mouthy pest, “Jerk Face.”

I am going to imagine him, for now any way, as Alec Baldwin. I have nothing against Alec, he’s a good actor, but he did show up in a friend’s dream lately and was very rude to her mother, so he wins the Jerk Face prize for now.

Now. First of all, didn’t someone say at some point in time that pride goes before the fall? All of those positive sayings may have been meant to counter my urge to think about catastrophe.

Or not.

Maybe, it was sincerely faithful and sunny advice.

Or not.

An effort to cheer me up (even though I didn’t ask for cheer?).

Could be.

Clearly, the “mock the woe-mongers” quip is insensitive and arrogant.

Thankfully, my self confidence and faith life are in good enough order that in my “real” life, I am appreciative of the “glass half-full” folks that are in my immediate and extended circles.

And you know what?

That’s not me. I’m a woe-monger, and have no apologies about that. As a matter of fact, I’m reading quite a bit about how when we pressure ourselves to always think positive, to always strive to excel and succeed, and to always fill our thoughts and vocabulary with sunny quips and pips, we might even be creating wasted energy.

On the other hand, the effort that I put into finding a good article to help me hit a more productive balance with my tendency to jump to tragic conclusions was well worth my time. This Ron Breazeale fellow seems to be an expert on training folks to manage stress and crisis with resiliency.

Here’s a link to his blog, In the Face of Adversity.

No harm, no foul Alec – but you will remain “Jerk Face” until you apologize for being rude to Mrs.Voigt.

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