John O’Donohue: “It’s Strange to Be Here”

Let’s see here…

~ Katherine O. Cooper

I’m tempted to write a post of apology that my time has been limited in terms of writing daily posts here on Attendance Please. I want to explain away my blogger shortcomings during the past couple of weeks.

But, I had so much fun last week pretending to give be a woman of no regret to an imaginary nemesis in the form of Alec Baldwin (aka: Jerk Face), that I’m going to sit on my hands.

This decision makes it difficult to type.

So instead of working on becoming a bloginista, I am reading parts of the transcript of an awesome interview which I was able to grab snips of in between birthday celebrations yesterday.

The little bit that I’ve read of this radio interview puts into words why I Dread the coming Lenten season with a capital “D.”

Here’s a snippet of what I heard while gathering party goods:

I read this line, which begins your book Anam Ċara, which is … a different way of kind of analyzing the human condition:

“It’s strange to be here. The mystery never leaves you.”

~Krista Tippett, Host of American Public Media radio show On Being, interview of Irish Author John O’Donohue

Please join me in reading or listening to this interview. Shoot me an email or leave a comment if you have time. The page that has the interview and podcast links also has a variety of other links that I would love to explore, but I’m off to the bookstore to, gulp, get a copy of the 2012 Writer’s Market .

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