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Wuthering Bites

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So I got Ash to finally go to sleep bless him. My plan was to completely tire him out with an hour of playtime this morning chasing string just never gets old apparently. Adorable as he is, there is nothing I like better than to bake during the day and I’m sure Ash will appreciate that day that I cook some marvelous salmon fish cakes.

‘Blondies’ never fail to make me laugh really, mostly because of their name and the fact that I can’t stop singing Heart of Glass with food puns whenever someone offers me one. Naturally I’ve named this recipe after the Blondie song  ‘Picture This’–How could I not? It’s from the 80’s.

I’ve never baked them before. Until I’d seen a raspberry and white chocolate version online; I was tempted to use my last store cupboard cranberries for something different.

dark, chocolate, cranberries, cranberry, chopped, roughly, blondies

The recipe has taken a few attempts…

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