Ahh Choo, Wanna See My New Plan?

Ahhh Choo!

S’cuse me. Got the sniffles here.

Did some thinking over the weekend though, and here is a new plan ahead for my Blogolita.

In the interest of not spending all day, every day messing around to put one post up, here is my new plan of action. My hope is that it will give me some days to fuss and fluff a post to my heart’s content, and other days that give me time to learn more about how to publish for pay.

Monday: Write a post that includes a family story that illustrates God’s grace.

Tuesday: “One Word, One Photo”: Put up a picture that corresponds to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Wednesday: “Worried Wednesday”: Write about ways to combat anxiety, depression, and other…shtuff…that gets in the way of enjoying daily life.

Thursday: Highlight people, places, things that I think are cool.

Friday: “Forgiveness Friday”: Write something incredibly deep, moving, incredible, awesome, and life altering in hopes that I will single-handedly (well, double if you consider that I’m typing) end war, famine, hate, sadness, and umm, burnt toast. Or…just enjoy a minute or two at my virtual pulpit in the safety of Our Lady of the Blogosphere.

Saturday and Sunday: Reblog awesome WordPress posts that catch my fancy.

Sound like a plan?

3 thoughts on “Ahh Choo, Wanna See My New Plan?

  1. Enjoyed reading your plan. It is interesting to learn how other approach filling their blogs with what is important to them. I post six poems a day now, one every four hours (thanks to learning how to schedule with WP). That is seven days a week except for when my Internet is down. Source usually gives them to me very early in the morning, in various numbers, but at least six. It amazes me but this has been going on for 15 months. hugs, pat

    • You, wa? huh? Four to six a day? Wow. There must be some serious connections going on out your way! And, you must be doing other things during the day to keep the channels open in the early hours.

      What do you mean scheduling with WP? Can we tell them to post at certain times?

      • No, I publish every four hours which is six a day but receive from six to 15 or more a day. I usually wake up between five and five-thirty, make a cup of coffee, sit down with a pad of paper and say, “Ok, what do you want to tell them today?” Then I open to receive and write furiously for as long as it lasts. I edit very little, mostly regular spelling, etc. I do not remember the poems and have to go back are reread them when someone comments on one…or just to learn more myself. I heard about a woman in Portugal who was receiving poems in English but speaks only Portuguese. I wrote her asking to see some of her poems to see if they were like the ones I receive but never heard from her. My friend, who met her, said she is older and not comfortable with the computer. To schedule your posts, on the page where you are writing a new post, on the right is Publish immediately or edit. Click on Edit and a window opens that allows you to say the time and date you want a post. I sometimes post ahead a couple of days if I know I will be unavailable and have enough extra poems…which I usually do. Guess Source knows before I do when I need some extras. Like yesterday, I did not have Internet all day but had posted on Saturday for Sunday. hugs, pat

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