keep up the good work…yup. eighth grade is about right ; )

Childhood Relived

Dear Readers,

This post is not supposed to be funny.  It’s about funny.  That doesn’t mean it needs to be funny.  This note follows a spirited discussion I had with my husband (a.k.a. #1 Fan) when he gently told me this post is not funny.  Which made me launch into a belligerent, paraphrased Joe Pesci bit.  Funny, like I’m a clown?  Am I only here to amuse you?”  To which he responded, “Um, I love you.”

I take criticism well.


P.S.  I am not having my period.

I’m making my kids watch Looney Tunes.  I own the four-disc DVD set and they can call them out by name.  Mom, can we watch the frickin-frackin guy?  Yosemite Sam it is then.  Of course, I realize they now may be more apt to drop a 300-pound anvil on someone’s head.  And, sure, I worry about that.  But…

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