Funny Things that I’ve Heard from Nine Year Olds This Week


It is like, SO, spring here in the Midwest dude…beautiful to see, but always makes me, yawn, tired.

Okay…here are some funny quotes that I’ve heard from nine-year olds this week, mostly on the theme of boy vs. girl.

man/boy/baseball chatter chatter….then…

“…and the thing is that I think it’s not fair that Disney only makes girly movies because, boys are half the world’s population!”

on Justin Bieber and a Twitter thing this week where he is apparently trying to gain the nickname “Bielieber”…

“Me??? Heck no I’m not a belieber…” yada chat, chat…looks in mirror at fresh crew cut…

“yeah, he is ONLY popular from the second grade on down because he so medialicious” (which is not a good thing…I think, though that sounds like a good milkshake title to me)…

More chatter about something or another that is, sports vs. not sports and women/girls vs. men/boys….(I was trying to look like I was still listening, but was really trying to remember if I had turned on the crock pot)…which ended up in a comment or question related to girls or women and our


The funniest chuckle was at Great Clips where a family with a grandpa, dad, boy, and girl were getting hair cuts for dad and boy. Grandpa and girl (looked 9 to me) were chatting and she was doing some prancing in the lobby, not to get attention, but because it is spring.

When the brother, (12 or so), came back and took her phone, etc as older sibs do, she completely owned him and the rest of the fam by just TOUCHING his head and saying

“hmm. well YOU are all wrinkly now.”

Sometimes texture just rules, you know?


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