Worried Wednesday: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

This week for my worried Wednesday post, I’m going to just make a random list of little moments of grace that have gotten me through a springy, busy couple of days as I prepare to celebrate Easter in Ohio.

  • I found a blouse for myself at a consignment shop that looks much like jelly beans – they are colorful circles in primary colors. When I called my niece (the one that is 5) she approved.
  • Said niece also got on the phone and it is getting easier to understand what she is saying in her high-pitched voice. She got her ears pierced, and she had the choice, she said, between gold or diamond, “and I got diamonds Aunt Kate.”
  • ‘s my girl.
  • My mother in law – “big grandma” to my children (even though she is quite short), sent me birthday money last month, and after a long search, I went with some classy low pumps that are called “Angel Pumps.”
  • I just threw away some old and unflattering sandles and am feeling the glow of purging stinky foot smell.

If you are a reader from the species called “boy,” I really doubt that you will understand the work, joy or importance of these decisions. I take my mother (who died several years ago) with me shopping with any important task such as this, and we have a grand time by way of the Holy Spirit.

Easter can’t come soon enough.

2 thoughts on “Worried Wednesday: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

  1. Kate, you made me laugh with the picture of seeking a 5 year old’s opinion. My brother has tons of grandkids, all in the adorable stage. I enjoy my visits when his kids and their children are around. They brighten an already bright day.

    As to your comments about your mother, I actually have a scene in my novel, “Dark Eyes, Deep Eyes,” that connects Wayne in Heaven with his wife on Earth. I do believe the “great cloud of witnesses” mentioned in Hebrews not only addresses the testimony of those who’ve gone before us but their continued active encouragement as they witness our earthly running of the faith race.

    • Laughing during Lent is good in my road weary book, don’t know about you. Glad I could help you out!

      Yes, Gracie (said niece) is very much a piece of work and is hope for the future for my husband and I in terms of grandparenting…which isn’t miles away as our oldest two are young adults, the youngest a 4th grader. She seems to be the (beautiful) tail that wags the entire extended family thus far.

      I sticky noted your book title. I am a convert to the Catholic church and find great, great rest in our (well, my Catholic version anyway,) of the communion of the saints.

      After Easter we should try and carve out time for an email exchange, as I am in the planning stages for an Advent based reflection book that is about grace, with themes of vision (literally, like, glaucoma, and the like).

      Blessings on a reflective Holy Week and many sweet Easter treats. Peace, Kate

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