Blogging A-Z. “K” is for Kooky

Sign Language letter "k" as seen by the "listener." If you wiggle this sign on your nose (face your palm toward your nose) you are saying "clown" in sign language. Kool, eh?

Made up Word of the Day:


Definition: (adj.) Odd, silly, strange, off-kilter, or a bit off the rail.

Sometimes the one stress reaction that she can’t contain is to laugh at something kooky.

2 thoughts on “Blogging A-Z. “K” is for Kooky

  1. I guess my daughters right when she calls me two-step… after all this time I just now got what you are doing and had to let you know that I admire you for doing it. Thank you, it’s wonderful.

    • Thanks for reading and replying. Do you mean my ABC for April thing? Good heavens on the two-step…funny nick name for a runner. No worries…you should see some of the text messages that I get from my 17 year old niece. They always include: “Aunt Kate. You DO know that you make no sense, right?” 🙂

      I’m for sure that the main grace right now about my getting serious about writing is that I’m open to suggestion and criticism. More open anyway. I’m still very choosy and aim for sucess, but at this clipping rate, I might soon be wishing for haters so that I can toss their comments over my shoulder and carry on.

      Your encouragement helps Jim!

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