“Mahna”Stands for “m” of Course!

Made up “M” word of the day…

Mahna (v.) : To get up off your duff and dance, sing, groove and generally take yourself and the world less seriously for a minimum of a minute or two.

Eg: What fool could watch the Muppets, during any point in their history as premier entertainers, without getting his or her “Mahna Mahna” groove on for at least a short while?


4 thoughts on ““Mahna”Stands for “m” of Course!

  1. Mahna Mahna is a multi-purpose word….when things are bad, when the ice needs to be broken, when someone is down, instead of a smile…all uses of Mahna Mahna! It is also a great ringtone!
    Peach State

    • It sure is! My son is having a tough week, and after I wrote that post I just said “Mahna Mahna” after dinner and how could he not join in? Then again, he’s not yet a teenager…but still.. 🙂

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