Q = Quiet QuickQuack in the Quad Cities

A quiet day in the Quad-Cities for a snapshot of the letter "q" in sign language. It's an easy one. Try it!

Made Up Word of the Day: QuickQuack

Definition: When two people have a very brief exchange of a word or two, or an animal sound.

For Example:

They must have been in a mood for a QuickQuack, because when she passed him in the hallway and simply said “Bananna,” he said: “Split.”


At the playground they worked hard to pump their swings to an equal height. They were sitting in opposite directions on the seats. This was great because when they passed each other they would trade animal sounds like: “quack,” “honk,” or “bleet.” It was a satisfying QuickQuack.


5 thoughts on “Q = Quiet QuickQuack in the Quad Cities

  1. I’m loving all these made up words!!! And loving the signs. Especially since today was the first day my 7 month old sign milk when she got hungry.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad that the signs are fun for you. I’m in a blogging challenge that is about the ABC’s and this was a good excuse to do something different from my normal blog.

      Super on the milk sign – is it baby signs, or a hearing impairment? Either way – good work to both of you!

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