How “Words With Friends” Ruined Her Ability to ThinkThink

This is Totally a "t" in sign language!

Made up Word of the Day (post dated from Monday): ThinkThink

Definition: The moment when one needs to stop in his or her tracks, place both hands on his or her head, and make a concerted effort to remember why in the world they just walked into that particular room.

Example: After the extraordinarily intelligent and beautiful Italian woman spent two intense hours at the computer pummeling her opponents while playing Words With Friends, she pulled herself away from the screen and went into the other room. “Oh no!” she said outloud to her two cats, “I have no idea why I came into this r-o-o-m (24 points).” Placing her hands on her head she had a brief ThinkThink, and remembered that it was bedtime, and snuggled under her cozy comforter for a long night’s s-n-o-o-z-e (18 points, 32 if on a double letter score space).


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