ExhaleNSayRealFast: VWXYZ

…thanks for your patience and consideration with this Blogging A-Z Challenge…it’s been fun! (pictures to follow, hopefully tomorrow)

Here is the rest of the alphabet…

Made up “v” word of the day: VeryVerily

Definition: When a person gives that extra “umph” to a church reading which makes the sleepy parishoner wake up just a bit.

Example: The enthusiastic reader found himself saying “and VeryVerily unto the Lord” and no one actually noticed because they were distracted by the incredibly cute twin boy and girl three pews ahead. (I was anyway this week!)

Made up “w” word of the day: Whoopsie

Definition: When a blogger who agreed to participate in a challenge that included posting all of the ABC’s in some cool way over the month of April realizes that she has three letters to catch up on. And she sees this fact on May first. (well, it’s 1:00 a.m. and my friend messaged me on FB with a Scrabble Cheez-It Crisis, so count me in on the human race!)

Example: Yesterday she got most of the final post ready for the challenge and assumed that today, the last day of April, time would allow finishing the task. Not so. Tempted by the quiet and solitude after the rest of the house was asleep, she got on the computer in late hours to put a sticky up of a quote she’s heard twice this week that is really quite cool.

Then she googled Steve Martin and his blue grass band.

Then she copied and pasted a Martin gig on Lento to her son so that he could watch some good comedy.

Then she opened the Scrabble Cheetos and grabbed a glass of wine.

Then she started the rollicking messaging with her friend.

Then, she messaged “whoopsie! It’s already 1:00, but it’s so damn quiet and everyone is asleep…let’s pretend we aren’t old moms and stay up all night chatting!”

“Sounds great.!..laptop battery dyyyyyyying. TTYL. Nite!”

Made up word of the day: YohYohYohY

Definition: The act of persistent questioning.

Example: YohYohYohY am I still awake when tomorrow is the day that I need to be awake and energized for?????????????????????


last (yawn) made up word for the  (mmm, stretching) 2012 Blogging A-Z Challenge….




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