Great Quote for Scaredy Cats

The girl does love her Ant Kate, and moi back at 'er.


I almost paid $4 for a broken framed print of a little girl with a cool saying that would work well in my office.

I’ve been struggling more than usual with this plan that I have to be a writer. It got far worse when I started on a book a few weeks ago.

Plus, then some life happened.

So, then tonight, I was awake because a neighbor was taken by ambulance, so I was awake thinking about her, and turned to Jay Leno for some solace…and it worked quickly in the form of Jay Leno and Steve Martin.

But it woke me up. And here I am two hours later.

Odd though, because some other comedian after Leno used the quote again for a little thingy, so I wrote it down.

It’s this:

It’s never too late to be what you might have been.

~ George Elliot


2 thoughts on “Great Quote for Scaredy Cats

    • Thanks Pearson – I think it’s a neat quote too. Very timely for me. I’m not in a midlife crisis, but am in midlife and my momentum is not what it was in other stages of life that called for change. Thanks for the comment! Looking forward to stopping by your place. Thanks, Kate

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