Weddings and Plumbers

continue to be amazed that the toilet repair a few weeks ago was $300


Get new purse, dress and sticky note to try and remember new lipstick for next weekend and fall weddings for our ring bearer and flower girl #3

check        check

Lose much sleep in the past week with such worries and amazements at the number of young adult rites of passages and dwell on the cost and confusion of such ruminations.


Forget to take the puppy out and notice, while belly laughing about goofy plumbers with a friend whose family set and life is approximately exactly the same stress load, that my fuzzy darling has just emptied his bladder all over son’s bed….


Traveling home, recieving visitors and juggling lots of camps and baseball in the month of June.

phew (wipes the sweat of family joy and life from brow)

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