she might be your daughte…

she might be your daughter, but she has my chin

In late winter I did a writing challenge that was meant to be fun and help me connect with other writers.

I now know that I did this during a time when I had,

time. (kids in school)


Now, I’m so excited to joing Jeff Goins #15 Habits of a good writer challenge, because from what I can tell, the pressure is off (to be perfect) and the fun is on.


Time? Not so much. 


So, while I recover from a trip and get my land legs to figure out how the challenge works, my job seems first to declare that I am a writer.

So, having zoomed in our sons new sports car from Appalachia to the city over a weeks time, 


Katherine O. Cooper,


do declare that I am a writer,

cause I said so.

So there!



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