Ma’am, would you like your cake first?


What I wish is that this morning I could have some time and energy, and focus to write “a bit” about the terrorism that has swept my nation right before starting the school year.

I’m not so sure how much energy I have to help “us” process how, or why, or when, or where to take a knee on the terrorism part.

I’m a pretty big fan of theaters and houses of worship. (Looks at calendar on wall). Yup. Pushing 50 years of both types of buildings being my safest, bestest spots on earth other than a nice little tree stand to sit and day-dream for a minute before misplacing my planner again.

Not good timing in this family as our calendars rotate by way of the school year by trade and young’ins.

Nor as the daughter of the best actor on earth, or friend of the hippies that really did start Saturday Night Live.

But, I’m digressing again, and won’t go there yet other than to share that Mr. Coop and I fell into a date last night by default of kids being too busy to eat with the rents and we had a couple of seconds to take a deep breath over schmanzy heated salad dressing.

And, I’ll admit that I wasn’t much of a date other than I am certain I brushed my teeth before we left.

My mindset for the first, at least, quarter of our yummy meal, or maybe half, was the big deal I made with the waitress that dessert needs to be ordered first.

She actually came back to the table and said, :

“Ma’am, would you like your cake first?”

because I was being so complicated with my food order.

Okay. Truth told, I managed to pull out my theater background and make the entire evening about that chocolate heath melted surprise. But, Professor Cooper was a sport and yes, I got my cake and ate it too.

School readyness thinking on my part a few weeks ago was along the lines of the kool-aid mom thing going on in our new ‘hood. This is fun, worry about the pencil box later.

After baseball was over for our youngest he figured out that much of the team is within a block or three reach of our door. He’s extroverted. I’m not. I get that.

I didn’t think he could surpass his oldest brother with extraversion, but he has in a certain cute way that involves fifth graders in and out of the door for most of July. I picked up on complicated baseball conversation that involves something about Omar from Chi-town and dancing in the rain at the Big Red Machine Stadium vs. Babe Ruth and did the Great Bambino use to stuff their gloves with sawdust or not?

These, thank GOD are still at the top of the minds of some of the littlish people who crossed the door this summer.

These, I think, I know, are very good worries for a guy to have.

Fast track to a few days ago realizing that my favorite son of the week, the track star who I forgot to sign up for ACT’s who really does want me to remember to buy him a birthday cake this year for his birthday, zzzzpt…fast track to the one who is my favorite at Christmas who has decided to rock the work world in Ohio for us and made me take a nap in his apartment this summer on his couch….pppsssszzzzdddt. He’s the one that I can’t remember if I dreamed about mailing a birthday cake to last December or not. It was an odd winter on that front.

Sons. Hmm. Overwhelming? Yeah.

Are they doing okay? Yup. Check. Not bad at all really.

I could scroll the play list for you to my father moving, my brother and I helping him do that while balancing moving our adult kids into the universe, another niece getting married and one starting kindergarten and,


I guess insomnia does have some logic of late.


Thankfully, I had a moment to take a knee by way of scoring the two photos in this article from Facebook. The cute daisy from a bestest college friend who knows I don’t sleep, and the other of my father’s favorite students of the ’70’s.

It will all be okay.

John Fugiel Improv Troop, circa '70's

John Fugiel Improv Troop, circa ’70’s

2 thoughts on “Ma’am, would you like your cake first?

  1. My 19 year old son was recently asked by a friend, someone who he has know for a long time but has just now become a close friend, to go to the movies. The unique thing about this friendship is the fact that it is the son of my church pastor. Basketball has been the activity that brought them together and my son has been included in many outings with my pastor and his son. “Hehe…I giggle with glee thinking of how my son could not stand my pastor and now is going to games and shooting hoops with him!”
    I asked which movie…yep…”Dark Knight…”. I was a little hesitant at first thought…as this was not even a week after the incident in the news. I figured if God was ready for my son he would have to go through my Pastor first…who better for my son to be with.
    The sadness connected with the theater and church events is tragic.
    Thank you for this posting. What is wrong with having your cake first? It might be a good diet…having dessert first causes you to eat less dinner. “Could work…right?”
    Peach State

    • Interesting. My parents were agnostic for most of our upbringing, but when I was ten or so I had my first “best friend” whose father was a Baptist Minister. So, to maintain my status as most often invited for Saturday sleep overs, off I went to service and was eventually “dunked.” He got a new church a few states away not long after. Wonderful experience though!

      My father is a retired theater teacher, and I studied to become a pastoral minister, so…the actual spot of attacks were at first at the top of my initial sadness. Also, we’ve only lived in an urban area for a year (having come from beautiful rural), and I’ve come to really enjoy the options and feel great about the opportunities for the kids. We have a Sikh temple just a few blocks away, and going to a new or popular movie is no longer a sell out issue. This is good.

      Ha. Re filling up on cake…I was just so clearly burned out and spastic from a good but long summer with the kids, that it was funny to me that the waitress seemed a little on edge that I may want NEED the triple chocolate heath cake ASAP.

      Thanks for the long post by the way – looking forward to more time to blog/read : ) peace, Kate

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