Hand Wave: “Hello! I’m still here!”

River Way path in Davenport Iowa

I’ve not posted much of late because I’m working on a few writing projects.

One is that I’m setting up a new page on my blog, meaning that when you look to the top, but below the picture of the train wheels, there are pages to click on that help explain what this blog is about.

So, keep tuned, as I am working on a page that basically says:

This blog is about Grace.

I’ll make it more interesting than that though. As a matter of fact I want to make it interactive. I’ll be looking for responses to reflection questions and posting replies with permission from those who are game with answers.

In the mean time, may I report that in honor of my sporty family I set out on a walk yesterday morning with the dogs? With no small help from the cool weather, as we ambled

This kind of cracked me up. How efficient to catch it as it falls.

along one of Davenport’s Bike paths, I actually started thinking, okay, they’ve got a point…this isn’t so bad.

After checking on Mapquest last evening, it turns out that the dogs dragged me for more than four miles along the ‘ssipi river! I hope your corner of the planet had some nice weather as well.

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