My First Guest Post, by Paul McCartney

tail cartoonDear Jack,

(of the adorable blog, Life with Jack)

Hey brother. Yeah, if you can get your person to talk to your agent, sure. I’d like to order a calendar for the New Year.

Here’s the thing though.

Last week I was trying to take my person for a walk and she kept wandering around and saying:

“My address book, where is it? I’ll never get the cards out by the feast day. Oh



I’ve thrown it away by accident again…and…”

She’s nice and all, but feasting? kings? wrapping paper, what’s the big deal dude? Know what I’m sayin’? A dash of kibble, burrow some snow in the yard, and a winter’s nap makes more sense to me and my tail.

At any rate. Yeah, if your person has one of your signed calendars left, ask her to save it and I will work on reminding her that her aunt would be delighted to get a late gift.



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