My New Favorite Twitter Hashtag is: #YouRule

Dear supporters of my blog,

Last fall I mentioned in a couple of posts that I lost my temper mightily during the US presidential debate season. It went sort of like this story that my friend just sent me about getting her daughter to bed last night:

She is generally unflappable, but tonight I went too far. Forgetting it was her turn to blow out the dinner candles, I blew them out and said,
“Come on sweetie time for a bath.”Her eyes widened in shock/dismay, then narrowed in anger:
“Mom ! How could you do this to me?”
“What ?!”
“It was my turn to blow out the candles!”
“Oops sorry honey. You can do it next time. Now go upstairs for your bath.”
She then huffed toward the stairs and mumbled:
” I do not like any of this one bit! I hope this never happens again!
This stomp is for you !!”
She proceeded to garuff up the steps. I just giggled. What else was I going to do Kate?!
I’m not four any more, but chatting with some family friends during this Christmas break has me remembering being on the shoulders of one of the college students that followed my father home after class. So, yeah. I totally get what this little gal is talking about, and it is exactly what happened when the PBS debate jokes starting flitting around the globe a very few weeks ago.
Again, the theme of this blog is spirituality, and my prayers are of a Catholic base. Last night I’d bet that my friend’s little spitfire gal with curly hair was blowing out Advent Candles. The reason that this curly-haired 45-year-old couldn’t find the candle ring this year could be that I was stomping so much in our laundry room. That is where that decorations are now stored, so maybe the candle ring got smooshed and tossed.
This storage corner is also where our youngest son, inspired by the NBA and the St. Ambrose Bees men’s basketball team, keeps trying to set up a personal arena.
Regulation sized basketballs. PILES of sorted laundry. Stacks of unopened moving boxes. And one, large and enthusiastic fifth grade child.
It’s a lot some days. But usually the hard work pays off in a very, very fun manner.
(Note to self: Send another thank you note to MissTNT of the Harlem Globetrotters and pray that she tweets me a recommendation to have a Nerf hoop corner somewhere in his life.)
As I was saying about the debates last fall: I also lost my temper at comments and discussion about how many teachers are safe and recommended per classroom (I used to teach), and continue to be floored at the lack of religious tolerance and common sense among my fellow and gal Americans (I met my husband while training to become a pastoral minister).
Here is the good news: there is a fair chance, a very fair chance,
that I am going to rock  the
Greatest Harlem Girl Globetrotter Fan of the Quad City USA award
in just 74 hours or so.
Did you know that there have been now, not just one, but twelve women on the team schooling the likes of Kareem and Meadowlark?
I know my posts ramble, which I apologize for.  Yet, I need to continue my effort to get said fifth grader to the Moline Illinois arena, which requires getting his CoachDad to work, so I don’t have time to hyper proof this particular blog post.
This stomp is for you patient readers…I so appreciate your support. Happy New Year: #YouRule.
Photo by Linda Douglas, Ripley Ohio

Photo by Linda Douglas, Ripley Ohio


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