Ahh Choo! bless you Mr.President

Corrections! I was a bit over excited and published this post early this morning with a statement that Mr Marrapodi is the pastor appointed by the White House for a benediction – he is one of the journalists I read twitter linked articles about this inaugural controversy. Apologies!

Eric Marrapodi, a CNN belief writer posted this about the pastor who just pulled out of a firestorm:

Giglio represents a new type of evangelical leader who “doesn’t like to get involved in the culture war because it blurs the larger points he wants to make,” said Michael Cromartie, the vice president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington.

“What I want to remind his critics is he’s not being named to a Cabinet position,” Cromartie said. “He was being asked to deliver a prayer. All sorts of people deliver prayers who we don’t agree with on a number of issues.”

According to a flurry of twitter posts that twerped to me last night at witching hour (after school and dinner prep) , Mr. Giglio was the pastor recommended and chosen to give a benediction prayer for President Obama in a few weeks at the inauguration. As it turns out, the chosen minister has anti-gay opinions and makes it clear that he feels backed up by God on his moral stand. This is no longer true and is what the chirp fest was about on Twitter. Conversations popped up about who should give this prayer. “Who do YOU want now?” popped up and I immediately suggested a long and funky list of ministry friends and theologians I look up to from afar.

I could really go on a tangent now about how silly that statement from the White House sounds, but I’m not. Religion is not at the heart of culture wars and researching where a person stands on one of the hottest contested ethical debates of the year is not a worthy task?

At any rate. What I’m going to do is ask you to stop reading this post and go find something to drum roll on, because this flurry of online excitement has me hopeful that Mr.President might listen to my pastoral replacement ideas for this wayward bloke. And. I have settled on my decision.

I’m not joking. Get ready to pound because you might hate my choice.

Ready? Okay. Thanks for cooperating.

Wait! If you could, please hold on while I listen one more time to Eva Cassidy singing “People Get Ready.”

oh my GOODNess, yes? You sometimes get goofy happy when you listen to that song too? I knew there was a reason we were friends.

I am too excited to finish this post right now. If that song doesn’t make you want to get up and run to work I won’t hold it against you. I will gather my wits, at least some of them, and

“God willing and the creek don’t rise,” I’ll get some more time to write later today.

(p.S. please get a flu shot – it’s not too late and will likely not make you even sneeze afterwards)

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