Easter Blessings

I started celebrating Easter last night. This is actually a big NoNo in the Catholic world of me…but it was time.

The good news: cataract #1 is gone and other eye stuff is starting to get better.

Frustrating news: it’s still hard to write.

Have you ever read this line from a poem?

Less infuriating news: reading is getting easier each day.

@goodreads: “You will always be the bread and the knife, not to mention the crystal goblet and—somehow—the wine.”

Couldn’t have been more appropriate to my Palm Sunday and this particular Lent.

It is from a poem, I don’t know the title, by, I think, Billy Collins.

I don’t know who was talking to who, but for me, it was my mom sending me a big lenten and post eye surgery #3 comfort basket.

“As in, it’s okay. Seriously. I am set up to have tea with St.Lucia (patron saint for vision) this afternoon at three o’clock, and we recommend that you wear red to that meeting you have next week. You can do this…you’ve climbed some higher hills than trying to find the bread (which by the way, you did leave a bag full at the bakery, but that’s no problem either).

Oh. Excuse me dear, ‘yes? no. Of course not! I don’t take that kind of sugar in my tea.’ Sorry, I need to go now and work with a weather disaster which could be approaching MOMA. Good luck dear.”

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