Grace is God’s Unmerited Favor


“Grace is God’s unmerited favor.”

I’m going to go ahead and claim that I wrote that sentence, even though it is part of my six month old scribbled notes that I made while on Wikki (of all places). I was working on a tab for this blog which explains why I would pick an often uncute theme: grace.

Wait! Red light! Am I tiptoeing around the stickiest theological debate of all time – for me anyway: Exactly where do toil and grace meet?

Know what I mean (jellybean)?

And…who, how, when and where is grace found? And why…of course we ask over and over, is toil and suffering so often what we associate with the experience of God being in our midst?

Let’s just put that on the chalkboard for now:

“Def.: Grace = God in our midst.”


So, let me explain

Tangent: here’s why I’m bogging down your computer with huge photos:


I just want to.

Want to bog mine down anyway. I was lucky enough to have scored a job for a couple of months at the end of the school year and that was a really wonderful experience. My title was “Communication Coach” for a Kindergarten student who is hard of hearing.

If I can get back into a routine to blog more often, I’d love to share more about my experience. It was just what I didn’t know I was praying for.

The huge pictures in this post? Because as soon as I signed my contract, I treated myself to a new printer that has a scanner so that I can try and organize old photos.

So far, what I have is an office and moving boxes that are a jumble of…

a jumble. In a room with stinky carpet.

(insert music or images that lead you to toil and suffer,

if my friend, you are on my side…)

I am still committed to try and not write more than a few hundred words per post, but for now, as I brush away some midlife cobwebs, I need to see these snippets in biggie size. Image

“Oh, you weak, beautiful people who give up on such grace.

What you need is

someone to take hold of you –

gently, with love,

and hand your life back to you.”


~ Tennessee Williams




2 thoughts on “Grace is God’s Unmerited Favor

  1. Kate~ Maybe we have this in common. I am going through the toil of letting go of my attachment to my older boy, Sam, as he is in for a lot of changes soon (he is eleven and will begin puberty very soon). This is emotional toil right now. I grieve his young boy features that I am fond of. I grieve the end of his young boy experiences that I have shared as a Mom. I have cried a bucket as another round of tears come out of my eyes. Geepers! I wonder if God gets sappy as we grow older and change.

    • jdaven…..Yeah….it’s hard. I guess with our oldest being 20, I’m sort of feeling like it’s so constant, that it’s getting kind of old hat. Not bragging…it’s just that we are at where I remember getting slammed in the noggin one day while walking my huge self when our youngest (11) was cooking. “oh. my. god. at some point we we be raising a young adult, a teenager, and a middle school student. those are the most clueless life stages other than cute babies and old people.” I will say, that having gone thru the mom of boys needing space twice now, it’s well worth the strange few years ahead with our preteens. It’s a different kind of love we get from them I guess. I see my adult sons trying to figure me out…that’s a good thing! I do miss the ease of boyhood tho…and sometimes being revolved around. but…anyway…yeah…grief sucks. but….look at the Tennessee quote again. isn’t that awesome? he was such a dark writer…in a good way…but I associate him with grief and death and depression…so to read such a faith filled sentence…thanks for reading and commenting by the way : ) . ~K

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