Graduation Angst? Find a “Thin Place”

We are in the process of helping our second born transition on to his next adventure, which happens to be college.

My Facebook status feed (an online spot where people write a sentence or two about how and what they are doing) is filled to the brim with various versions of: “Where has the time gone!?”

During the first few years of grieving my mother’s lost battle with colon cancer, the one thing I learned was that I couldn’t predict what or when emotional floods would come.

I don’t miss those moments.

But, I AM thankful that when I was flooded with sadness last fall that our son would be moving away soon, I didn’t worry at all about if I was grieving correctly or on time. And now, I don’t feel bad that his graduation and the beautiful graduation photos I’m seeing of students and babies from time gone are just making me smile.

Being a tearless mom and aunt and educator during the Spring of 2014 doesn’t mean a thing.

It’s just how the tides are flowing.

I just found an evening meditation from a Pastor named James Martin. He has lots of good writings on line and can be found under “Fr. James Martin, S.J.” His prayers often appeal to all faiths.

It explains the concept of working to find what I now know is called a “Thin Place.” Simply put, a memory of a physical spot in one’s past where a person could rest and feel safe from evil, whatever evil may be.

Here’s the meditation:

Evening meditation

Do you ever find it hard to pray?

Sometimes when I find prayer hard or feel unsettled, it helps to imagine myself in a place where prayer was easy, in what is sometimes called a “thin place,” where the veil between you and God was thin.

Tonight why not imagine yourself in one of your favorite “thin places” and let God encounter you.

4 thoughts on “Graduation Angst? Find a “Thin Place”

    • Thank you for reading Jim – I am always amazed that you take the time to read and comment. Maybe some day I will learn to manage my time as well as you do. I hope that you are well hydrated, injury free, and “thin places” are popping up like popcorn for you during your runs.

    • I’m sorry to not have seen your message until now. Thank you for reading and for leaving a comment. I’m not familiar with the “chalk talks.” I’m really glad to have your prayers and support, now and in the past. love, Kate

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