I Didn’t Even Know He Was Jewish

linda shoot“Habit is necessary;

it is the habit of having habits,

of turning a trail into a rut, that must be incessantly fought against

if one is to remain

Edith Wharton



Apparently yesterday an American candidate for presidency may have made a statement about being so powerful and skilled as a states person that, if he had a gun at this rally and shot it into the crowd he would still win the race.

Last Thursday the nineteen year old, 1st year college student, son of a distant friend of mine fatally shot himself in the head.

In addition, true or not, I just read in a Mother Jones blurb that this same candidate supported an anti Semitic photo by way of re-tweeting (electronically sharing to those that his is connected to in the Social Media site named Twitter) it to his many followers.



it was a photo of Bernie Sanders that had been photo shopped to make it look as if Sanders was on the way to a gas chamber.



I have been told at times that I am a very funny person. And at an American Sign Language Interpreter professional development workshop yesterday I mentioned the true fact that the only rebellious thing I did in High School was to lie to a Ringling, Barnum and Baily clown that I was 18, although I was 17.

I tried to join the circus.



for today,

what bothers me the most about that sinful, sinful comment about firing a gun into a political crowd is what?


Some of my fellow Americans laughed.



This is not who Abraham Lincoln told us to be or believed that we are as a community. We can do better. I love that quote that my friend shared with me a bit ago and I’m going to use it as a flag to get me through this busy semester. Question your habits American readers of this blog. If your habits are helping you to stand firm in your conviction that we all – all genders, all races, all creeds, all sizes, all states, all children, all adults

and all those who are able or not able to hear what is being said these days …if those habits help you believe that we all deserve a chance to live another day – I personally would like to give you a thumbs up. You are in my prayers.

But if you think that

if your beliefs are

If you think that euthanizing of an entire people in a gas chamber is funny – I consider you a rusty, ratty, rotten, railroading, wrong thinker. Get your act together please.




















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