The Letter H : Blogging A-Z

Presenting, the sign language letter "h"

Presenting, a fish-eye view of the sign language letter "h."


Definition: Huff (adj.) The sound of a chair back padding poofing out air after a person eats an Easter feast and finally leans back to take a rest.

Eg. The truth of the matter is that she was so stressed by the time they got to Grandmas, that in the night, she secretly downed a goodly part of one of the cartons of marshmallow eggs. A couple of days later, while sitting next to her exhausted and pregnant cousin, she felt fine about the Hufffff of the chair after delighting in each bite of the home-made biscuit. No exchange of words needed.

Anyone else doing some toe-touches this morning? 🙂


Saturday and the Letter G: Don’t Peek!

Sign Language "g" from the back...

Raise the roof for a "g" to the front!

(this post is meant for Saturday, April 7th, a day when I will be on a famorama duty of one sort or the other and away from the desk)

Made up word of the day: GrannyBird

GrannyBird (proper noun): A grandmother of unique design.

Eg: GrannyBird chased the kids out of the kitchen so that she could finish the rainbow jello-mold dessert.

Don’t Peek! Good Friday and the Letter F

sign language "f" From the signer's eyes....

Gentle Neck roll to the right everyone...and we have the letter "f" view from the listener's point of view!

(this post is meant for (Good) Friday, April 6th, when I hope to be shoe and hat shopping and drinking a fountain coke on the Ohio River)

Made up word of the Day: Famorama

FAmoRama (n.) : A family event.

eg: All of the guys had a famorama to see who could throw the rock across the river first.

Logical Eg: Aunt Kate and Grace kindly left the famorama behind and dashed off for a last minute marshmallow coke and a trip to walmart to look for a polkadot hat.

DingDangDoodle! A-Z April Blogging Challenge

The sign language letter "d" from the front...

...and the sign language "d" from the back.

Made up word of the day:


DingDangDoodleDefinition: Another way of saying, “Oh, heck.”

Eg: She fought morning traffic and finally got the puppy to the vet for shots and a nail trimming, and saw the door sign which said “cash only.” What else could she say besides, “DingDangDoodle” ?

A-Z Blogging Challenge: Coo-CooCooCa-Coo

The Sign Language letter "c" as seen by the signer...

Made up word of the day:

Letter “c” = CooCooCooCa-Coo

Definition: The sweet sound of a mourning dove who pronounces that if we pay attention to the morning sun, all shall be well.

Eg: On a chilly morning last week, Kate heard and saw a mourning dove on her porch with a tan and puffed up chest. The dove had heard her on the other side of the window grumbling, and sang: “CooCooCooCa-Coo!” It pretty much made her day.

Oops! I Also Forgot to Mention that April is a Blurr Already

Does any one else out there have an April list of excitements that look sort of like an Etcha-Sketch scribble?


Mine does, but for fun reasons.

  1. School will be out in late May, so I have just a few more weeks of my quiet blogging days of winter.
  2. This means that if I stand a chance at an hour here and there over the summer, I’d better lay some plans now.
  3. I signed up for an April Writing Challenge that includes, well, you’ll see. For now, my plan is to lots of photos of hands doing sign language letters, and just one word. It’s called the A-Z challenge. I’m not going to try and win prizes, but look forward to participating as I can!
  4. Track, baseball, lawn mowing, dog walking, Easter travels, and planning out summer camps and travel.
  5. Phew.
  6. Oh. And I committed to my men to sign myself up at the Y so, they will hear “bye!!! Food is in the cabinet… to meet with the trainer and run a few miles!” (shhh…, don’t tell, the real plan is:…hot tub…yoga…little bit of Zumba…are paper backs allowed in the sauna room? Can one knit and Zumba at the same time?)

All to say, that my blogging will be spotty at a minimum, with a return to the regular bat channel by May would be my hope and plan.

Peace – K.