Blogging A-Z. “K” is for Kooky

Sign Language letter "k" as seen by the "listener." If you wiggle this sign on your nose (face your palm toward your nose) you are saying "clown" in sign language. Kool, eh?

Made up Word of the Day:


Definition: (adj.) Odd, silly, strange, off-kilter, or a bit off the rail.

Sometimes the one stress reaction that she can’t contain is to laugh at something kooky.


“J” : Ahhh, My Puppy is Jumbling the yarn again!

Start here to make a sign language "j," and trace a small "j" in the air. Presto! You have now silently said, "j"!

Made Up Word of the Day: (this is probably a real word in the dictionary, but please indulge me and my head ache as I pretend that I just made it up. thanks.) Jumbling (v)

Defined as:

1: Mussing up

2: Tanglfying

3:Twisting into oblivion

4:Sneaking away from the crime scene very quietly while carrying a mess of loot

For Example: She spent many hours learning to knit two stitches, and pearl two stitches, and her first project was a bit loopy. The puppy, cute though he was, ended up in dark trouble when she found her knitting project in a mess, not once, not twice, but three times after the pup was caught jumbling the scarf to his crate.

A-Z Blogging Challenge: Coo-CooCooCa-Coo

The Sign Language letter "c" as seen by the signer...

Made up word of the day:

Letter “c” = CooCooCooCa-Coo

Definition: The sweet sound of a mourning dove who pronounces that if we pay attention to the morning sun, all shall be well.

Eg: On a chilly morning last week, Kate heard and saw a mourning dove on her porch with a tan and puffed up chest. The dove had heard her on the other side of the window grumbling, and sang: “CooCooCooCa-Coo!” It pretty much made her day.

A-Z Blogging Roadblock #1

Okay, looks like what I agreed to with a writing challenge that I signed up for is to post on my blog every day but Sundays in April – not a problem, exceeeeept…this week I won’t have computer access for several days, so, just a heads up that I will be posting several

“no peeky!”


(stretches knuckles)


Here eye go!


Like it or Not, You are Joining me on the April A-Z Challenge

You know, at first when I started seeing contests and challenges for writers, especially blogging, I phsawed them. Over my shoulder I mumbled, “too old and famous thank you very much.”

Then, I noticed that I was in my monkey sparkle pajamas and alone in my office. Good reason to reconsider!

So – I signed up for the April A-Z Blogging 2012 Challenge because I liked the graphics of their web page. Check the page out here if you like.

I didn’t really pay attention to what I was agreeing to, and here we are: April has clearly sprung!

I mentioned on Thursday that my IRL (“in real life”) calendar has suddenly morphed, so here is how I’m looking at this experiment.

I’d like this to be more of a photo blog and I’m drawn to the idea of using the sign language alphabet. My thought, for now, is to post two photos for each letter: what each letter looks like to the speaker (the person doing the signing) and what it looks like to the listener (the person doing the listening/watching).

Back in one of my days, I was a sign language interpreter, and this will be a fun challenge to give a coffee boost to that part of my past.

Here Goes!