My Pops is “P”erfectamundo

Whoah Nelly, this one was quite the close up! Here's the letter "p" in sign language! Only 10 more letters to go. It has been fun, I'll miss this challenge so.

Made up word of the day: Perfectamundo

Definition: (adj.) So awesomely great that one would be tempted to describe that noun, proper or not, as “perfectamundo.”

For example: The burly son said, “Hey Pops! That birdhouse you made is perfectamundo!”

Monday A-Z post: “N” is for Nincompoop

This challenge is wearing me out...can't find my "n" photos. Here is a noodle instead. The sign "n" is just like "m," but with your thumb between the middle and ring finger.

Made up word of the day(n or adj): Nincompoop

Definition: A goofy or inept person or animal…or an inept way of handling things that is often sort of funny.

Preview of the letter "o"!

Example: The boy was trying to not be a nincompoop when he was learning how to do the sign language alphabet, but the crazy puppy was a ginormous distraction.

Blogging A-Z. “K” is for Kooky

Sign Language letter "k" as seen by the "listener." If you wiggle this sign on your nose (face your palm toward your nose) you are saying "clown" in sign language. Kool, eh?

Made up Word of the Day:


Definition: (adj.) Odd, silly, strange, off-kilter, or a bit off the rail.

Sometimes the one stress reaction that she can’t contain is to laugh at something kooky.

“Ifin’ ” I’m Blogging, It’s April A-Z

Made up word of the day: Ifin’

Defined as: a derivative of “if,” particularly as a warning to children to shape up or ship out.

For example:

Ifin’ you want the marshmallow coke, you need to sit still for five minutes.”

“What? You’re bored? My dad used to say, “Ifin’ your bored, that’s great! Go paint the garage again!”

” Hear that? The goblin’s will get your soda ifin’ you don’t watch out!