Such a Self-piteous Start to Her Saturday

Made-up Word of the Day: Self-piteous.

Defined: A belief system that that goes something like this: “Nobody loves me, it’s not fair, and it ain’t never gettin’ no better, and this stinkin’ day is going to last for and ever.”

Here's the letter "s" in sign language...snapped a shot mid-snuggle

For example: So, it’s Saturday. She woke in a Surly and Self-piteous State. Hand to forehead, She Sneeked a peek at just one of her aSsignmentS.

So tempted to Slump into Said Self-piteous Situation, She firSt made a place Setting at the table in hope for Several Sumptous seconds of Sendentary Salve.

“So it goeS” She Said with a Smirk.


My Son is a Rediculous RefusalMan

This is how the letter "r" looks to the peRson who is Reading the woRd that is being spelled in sign language. "R"eally. It is.

Definition: A boy or man who is endowed with greater than usual avoidance and refusal skills that take battle with anything which he does not consider fun.

True Example: The Mom chased the boy around the house with increasingly stern reminders to get the school work done. She set kitchen timers. She used a happy face approach. She warned him once. She used a serious face approach. She warned him twice. She tried to not use a “red in the face” approach. She went for a short walk. After he finally gathered his books, on the way to his room the kid said: “Mom, I’m just a rediculous RefusalMan.”