Worried Wednesday: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

This week for my worried Wednesday post, I’m going to just make a random list of little moments of grace that have gotten me through a springy, busy couple of days as I prepare to celebrate Easter in Ohio.

  • I found a blouse for myself at a consignment shop that looks much like jelly beans – they are colorful circles in primary colors. When I called my niece (the one that is 5) she approved.
  • Said niece also got on the phone and it is getting easier to understand what she is saying in her high-pitched voice. She got her ears pierced, and she had the choice, she said, between gold or diamond, “and I got diamonds Aunt Kate.”
  • ‘s my girl.
  • My mother in law – “big grandma” to my children (even though she is quite short), sent me birthday money last month, and after a long search, I went with some classy low pumps that are called “Angel Pumps.”
  • I just threw away some old and unflattering sandles and am feeling the glow of purging stinky foot smell.

If you are a reader from the species called “boy,” I really doubt that you will understand the work, joy or importance of these decisions. I take my mother (who died several years ago) with me shopping with any important task such as this, and we have a grand time by way of the Holy Spirit.

Easter can’t come soon enough.