Pastors Can Be Imagined as Fence Lattice

NeatO as we used to say in the day.

I just stumbled on a beautiful image.

The image of God as lover is not new to me. And, when I stumbled on an article, that not only describes biblical reference to God as lover, I almost skipped it, as I am in a bit of a sulky and tense discourse with the Almighty.

The article has mention of an ancient image as Jewish rabbi’s being fence lattice. (click on the blue word to go to the article in

I am guessing that there is no harm in borrowing that illustration and applying it to the pastors and priests that have been a part of my faith wanderings.

I like that fence image. A lot!

I’ve been luckier than the rest of you (sorry, bragging rights here) with having friends and extended family who are the best pastors ever.

I’m on it. Not on the fence, but comfortably behind it, shaded by it, and protected by this inviting image of good pastors who filter the challenges and overwhelming nature of religion and spirituality alike.

For me, lattice is a very comforting symbol of both protection and filter, and is helping to soften the spiritual pout that I’ve already admitted is currently par for my course.

I am peeking from exactly where I am, and am not alone while I’m at it.