ExhaleNSayRealFast: VWXYZ

…thanks for your patience and consideration with this Blogging A-Z Challenge…it’s been fun! (pictures to follow, hopefully tomorrow)

Here is the rest of the alphabet…

Made up “v” word of the day: VeryVerily

Definition: When a person gives that extra “umph” to a church reading which makes the sleepy parishoner wake up just a bit.

Example: The enthusiastic reader found himself saying “and VeryVerily unto the Lord” and no one actually noticed because they were distracted by the incredibly cute twin boy and girl three pews ahead. (I was anyway this week!)

Made up “w” word of the day: Whoopsie

Definition: When a blogger who agreed to participate in a challenge that included posting all of the ABC’s in some cool way over the month of April realizes that she has three letters to catch up on. And she sees this fact on May first. (well, it’s 1:00 a.m. and my friend messaged me on FB with a Scrabble Cheez-It Crisis, so count me in on the human race!)

Example: Yesterday she got most of the final post ready for the challenge and assumed that today, the last day of April, time would allow finishing the task. Not so. Tempted by the quiet and solitude after the rest of the house was asleep, she got on the computer in late hours to put a sticky up of a quote she’s heard twice this week that is really quite cool.

Then she googled Steve Martin and his blue grass band.

Then she copied and pasted a Martin gig on Lento to her son so that he could watch some good comedy.

Then she opened the Scrabble Cheetos and grabbed a glass of wine.

Then she started the rollicking messaging with her friend.

Then, she messaged “whoopsie! It’s already 1:00, but it’s so damn quiet and everyone is asleep…let’s pretend we aren’t old moms and stay up all night chatting!”

“Sounds great.!..laptop battery dyyyyyyying. TTYL. Nite!”

Made up word of the day: YohYohYohY

Definition: The act of persistent questioning.

Example: YohYohYohY am I still awake when tomorrow is the day that I need to be awake and energized for?????????????????????


last (yawn) made up word for theĀ  (mmm, stretching) 2012 Blogging A-Z Challenge….




Forgiveness Friday:Easter in Iowa

“…in the real world it may take you many years to find out that the stranger you talked to once for half an hour in the railroad station may have done more to point you to where your true homeland lies than your priest or your best friend or even your psychiatrist.”

~ Frederick Buechner,

as quoted by Anne Lamott in Bird By Bird

I read this quote by Anne Lamott just a few minutes ago. The book is a “why to” and “how to” book for writers. The reason I highlighted that passage that is in her chapter on character was that it hit home on another level first.

Moving sucks.

Beyond the joy, excitement, and surprise of how great life has become in the past year (that’s how long it’s been since we started working on our move from Ohio to Iowa), now that the moving part is over and the visiting part has started, I’m not sure if the hard parts are over or just getting started.

You know, the whole, making friends thing. “I would hate that” a friend from years ago told me on the phone the other night, and she is at the tippy top of my most friendly and extroverted peeps list.

Don’t get me wrong…over all even the friend making part of the process is going well. In my family of five, I’d say that two of us are fairly introverted, and the other three extroverted. When I take an objective look, we are all moving along in this department at a healthy pace.

The extroverts have been out there doing their gregarious thing which is paying off in the form of being less worried about joining three versus five different groups – it’s all good and layers of bestest friends seem to have potential in days to come as I see it. Half-court shots, new baseball hats, and lazy days of frisbee golf were beyond my imagination a year ago. Couldn’t of thunk it if I tried.

And the normal people my more introverted son and I are doing just fine as well. We’ve scoped out our environments, our assessments are fully filed in our mental file cabinets, and what the heck, we’re accepting invites to coffee and pizza anyway. Why not, right?

For me, I’m fairly adjusted to the reality that for many friends and acquaintances that we left behind in Ohio, out of sight is out of mind. It’s just life. The first few times we went back for a visit we got some reactions like, “Huh? We thought you moved? Git along little doggies.”

Now, what I hear is “So you still like it out there? Good. We miss you, but we’re glad you are happy -that’s what counts. Don’t worry. Nothing has changed here…” (Which is true…we were in a Mayberry type of community, so no worries on corporate take over or closed highways).

I can choose to sulk and analyze this out of sight/out of mind thing, or just roll with it and be honest that the same is true on my end. I’m already forgetting names, connections, scuttlebutt, and am getting mixed up on big events like divorce and illness and new-found love. That’s me though…I’m the know the forest not the trees person, so it fits. But, even if I was a detail person…the energy that it has taken to adjust to our new surroundings would have me mixing up the oaks and pines on occasion I’m sure.

So, Forgiveness Friday. It’s the week after Easter, and that quote from Buechner fits just right, as this is the week that we hear readings about a lot of walking and talking with the resurrected Christ. Indeed, at this point in the Gospel story, strangers on the journey become a source of truth and clarity with as much validity as the original disciples.

Who knows, maybe strangers are more objective and therefore quite wise.

How interesting that mourning, and fear, and surprising moments of joy get all jumbled during these type of days and phases of life.

‘Scarcely take it in sometimes, you know?