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How timely to find this old post from the fall of 2011. Two years ago, is just a few winks of time for my friend (the mom of this girl) and I. For her though, much growing and changing has happened in the two and 1/2 years that have passed since I asked her if I could use her sweet photo.

Attendance Please

She is clothed in strength and dignity,

she can laugh at the days to come.

Psalm 31: 25

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Prayers from and to St. Lucy

 P Min projects 003

Saint Lucy

delivered her eyes to her lover on a platter
in an act of devotion
because he had once admired them
exchanging her vision for the prophet’s.
In an act of devotion,
Saint Lucy lost her sense,
exchanging her vision for the prophet’s.
She desires inspection.
Saint Lucy lost her sense
Traded spectacles for dreams
and denies inspection.
Saint Lucy, unspoken,
for she can not weep
and loves her Lord, fiercely.
Such women are disfigured by their devotion.
Saint Lucy tore out her eyes
and raised gaping lids to God.

Laura Ehrisman

P Min projects 001

Euthychia suggested that the sums would make a good bequest, but Lucy countered,

“…whatever you give away at death for the Lord’s sake you give because

you cannot take it with you.

Give now to the true Savior,

while you are healthy,

whatever you intended to give away at your death.”

~ St. Lucy, via Wikipedia

P Min projects 002


Don’t Peek! Good Friday and the Letter F

sign language "f" From the signer's eyes....

Gentle Neck roll to the right everyone...and we have the letter "f" view from the listener's point of view!

(this post is meant for (Good) Friday, April 6th, when I hope to be shoe and hat shopping and drinking a fountain coke on the Ohio River)

Made up word of the Day: Famorama

FAmoRama (n.) : A family event.

eg: All of the guys had a famorama to see who could throw the rock across the river first.

Logical Eg: Aunt Kate and Grace kindly left the famorama behind and dashed off for a last minute marshmallow coke and a trip to walmart to look for a polkadot hat.

Worried Wednesday: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

This week for my worried Wednesday post, I’m going to just make a random list of little moments of grace that have gotten me through a springy, busy couple of days as I prepare to celebrate Easter in Ohio.

  • I found a blouse for myself at a consignment shop that looks much like jelly beans – they are colorful circles in primary colors. When I called my niece (the one that is 5) she approved.
  • Said niece also got on the phone and it is getting easier to understand what she is saying in her high-pitched voice. She got her ears pierced, and she had the choice, she said, between gold or diamond, “and I got diamonds Aunt Kate.”
  • ‘s my girl.
  • My mother in law – “big grandma” to my children (even though she is quite short), sent me birthday money last month, and after a long search, I went with some classy low pumps that are called “Angel Pumps.”
  • I just threw away some old and unflattering sandles and am feeling the glow of purging stinky foot smell.

If you are a reader from the species called “boy,” I really doubt that you will understand the work, joy or importance of these decisions. I take my mother (who died several years ago) with me shopping with any important task such as this, and we have a grand time by way of the Holy Spirit.

Easter can’t come soon enough.

I Love John Henry, You?

Big Bend National Park, Texas

John Henry was the strongest,

the most powerful man

working the rails.

~S.E. Schlosser

Yesterday a friend and I were trying to gather our courage before school let out, and ended up wandering to, of all things, a dog boutique and bakery. It was great! I generally don’t see myself as a boutique kind of gal, but I am glad to have seen with my own eyes a very cool display of doggie pizza chews, rawhide donuts, and the like.

I’m starting to catch on to the idea that city life is about trying and seeing new things.

I like.

During our few minutes of freedom, my main gripe was that my “old” laptop is worth nothing. Zilch. Zippo. Nada. When the third computer guy told me that the day before, I was nice. I thought, but didn’t say: “You.Are.But.A.Child.”

Instead, I charmed him into removing the hard drive for free and said, “You just need to understand that I was raised with a rotary phone, so the idea that these things are disposable after four years is a hard nut to swallow.”

My friend’s tough day related to being a doggie Samaritan. She and her sons had passed an immobile dog by the road on the way to school. She said that she told them that everything would be okay with the dog since they had prayed for him, but that the truth is that “he didn’t seem to have a smile on his face.”

After hearing both of these sad female tales, my friend Todd would say, “Well. There you go.”

I must say, I do appreciate love this attitude. Not always. As a wife, daughter, sister and mom of three guys, the strong male,

let’s move on

thing is sometimes confusing, and often annoying.

I know. I’m gender stereotyping, which is kind of rare, but when my youngest niece squiggled into our life I finally eased up on my “kids are kids theory.” Though I love our three nieces equally, time and distance was on my side when I was neighbors with this one and we have had many a tea party.

You know. I’m sitting here starting at the computer screen at the “let’s move on quote” and, nope, none of Aunt Kate’s girls are about moving on. Our relationships are a fun mess.

The guys in my life, strong men that they are, work the rails in each of their own ways, and, okay, taking a thinking break.

I’m back.

Nope. They all are forward moving fellows.