Considering Da Birdz (take two)

(Sorry…yesterday one of the links that I had for these eagle cams was broken. Do visit these sites, you won’t be sorry. Both moms are working on laying some eggs…exciting stuff! peace, Kate)

My favorite birds:

#1 = herons

#2 = Bald Eagles. Saw five last weekend.

Here are some sweet links to a live camera in a nest in Davenport Iowa, and another in Decorah Iowa.

#3 Owls

While I was looking for more bird links on youtube, I found this video of a little owl. Apparently “Lyze is a little owl, who likes to be cuddled. Enjoy his happiness! 🙂

But, unless you work for a sanctuary or have “Zoo Keeper” on your badge, don’t touch wild animals, k?

Thnkx. Eye m now going outside to lk @ real birdz.