One Word, One Photo: Urban


A Great Quote, A Creek Photo & a Sentence or Two

“There but for the grace of God, go I.”


~ John Bradford


Photo by Kevin Lester, Ripley Ohio












*random disclaimer: I don’t do heated political debate, and the above quote, the photo and these couple of thoughts are about missing my Mom. Merci mon ami!

If we could talk by phone or email, my mother and I would be hard at appreciating the contagious effect of Michelle Obama’s sense of joy.

Is joy more hard-earned for this generation of young kids than in the ’70 ‘s when I was playing hopscotch?

Who knows. Joy is important, that’s for sure.

Don’t Peek Until Thursday! Blogging from A-Z: The Letter “E”


Another sign language "e" for those who need a neck roll to the left.

(This post is meant for Thursday April 5, when I will be on the road!)


Made up word of the day: EggCited

Definition: A moment during Holy Week when it occurs to the Easter Bunny that coffee will soon come in the form of marshmallow eggs (hopefully delivered in those cool fake egg cartons, IMHO).

Eg:The mom with a baby in a pumpkin seat, a toddler in the shopping cart, and the preschooler laying on the floor of the cereal aisle, closed her eyes, and imagined her EggCited children on Easter day.