Advent: A Call to Renew Lost Sabbaths


“Emily’s Reel” by Yo-Yo Ma and friends are my companions this morning.

Many of us suffer from a wide range of blues at the holiday season – anything from grumpiness to a bit blue to downright depressed. One of the kind of nice things about being older is being able to predict these things. Pretty much as soon as the turkey is in the frig and hopefully starting to thaw, I know. It’s not the flu. These waves of strange emotion have a pattern and a reason. Same patterns, many reasons.

This year I am anticipating an easier season though.

Easier not in the sense that I can predict how sad I’ll be. The news is horribly grim near and far. But, I’ve let myself trust some friends of late in a Deaf bible study and it is having a grounding effect on me. I’m more willing to try my wings and more aware that being open to a shift in my relationship in God is the most wise path among various choices on my horizon.

Easier because I’m determined to not lose my sabbaths.

My “can do” attitude has been renewed of late.

Edgardo Ramerez~ photo by Elgardo Ramerez


All this was to fulfill the word of the LORD spoken by Jeremiah:
“Until the land has retrieved its lost sabbaths,
during all the time it lies waste it shall have rest
while seventy years are fulfilled.”

2 Chronicles: Chapter 36

Here’s hoping….



A-Z Blogging Challenge: Coo-CooCooCa-Coo

The Sign Language letter "c" as seen by the signer...

Made up word of the day:

Letter “c” = CooCooCooCa-Coo

Definition: The sweet sound of a mourning dove who pronounces that if we pay attention to the morning sun, all shall be well.

Eg: On a chilly morning last week, Kate heard and saw a mourning dove on her porch with a tan and puffed up chest. The dove had heard her on the other side of the window grumbling, and sang: “CooCooCooCa-Coo!” It pretty much made her day.