National Organ Donor Day: Mark Your Calendar!

Yesterday after reading somewhere that this is Mental Health Week, I did a little search and found that there are lots of weeks and months that celebrate and advocate health and fairness in this realm.

(yeah, rah, rah…clang clang I say!)

As a fan and member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, I also noticed that they have a promotion for either a Mental Health Awareness week, or month that probably is promoted along with their NAMI walk in the fall. Darn if I haven’t visited that awesome website in far too long.


I’m going to try and make the little word “mental health” at the bottom of my page bigger this week, and I plan to pump that baby up proud and tall in the fall to help promote the NAMI walk, which will be local for me this year (yeah, rah,rah…clang clang I say!)

But…I’m also curious now to find out that this is Stalking Awareness Month, National Birth Defects Prevention Month, National Glaucoma Prevention Month, Cervical Health Awareness Month, Radon Effects Month, and Thyroid Awareness Month.

And…I invite you to click on any of those blue months to go to the links that were built with hard work and care, while I get off the computer and make eye and OBGyn appointments!

Oh. First I’m going to ask Google Calendar to remind me about National Organ Donor Day for February 14 !