Defining Grace One: Kind and Generous

Okay class, let’s define the theological meaning of grace…


Excellent answers! Yes, all of the scholars agree that grace is 1) an amazing experience because it is undeserved and overwhelming.


and 2) meant to be fun and joy filled.

My Goodness. Quite an October we are having. You as well?

Last week, I became overwhelmed while working on getting an anniversary gift at Sam’s Club and had to call and text my friend in Pittsburgh multiple times. She and I both struggle with insomnia more than the average bear.

The season change (ahh-choo), changing sun patterns, and worry about national leadership to get our youngest into adulthood had been keeping me up for several days in a row.

A couple of weeks prior, she had been having some tricky waters and after 25 years of both of us not caring a hoot to talk politics, we are suddenly planning odd campaign tactics that involve kittens with press passes and gummy bears by the pound.

I honestly can’t remember what we were going to do with the gummies.


the wonder of text slowed me down and I asked her while pushing a trolly down aisle 23:

12 or 6 lbs of gummies?

she said:

Six. Fer Sure.

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The calm of having her friendship and an additionally silly text conversation with my niece who is in baking school, I traded six lbs of Gourmet Gummy Candy and a case of something for a big white board. My hope is to manage some of this “ain’t got no time to even jot blog outlines” tap dance I was doing with debit card in hand, while the sticky notes of household needs were long lost.

A few days later I carved out an hour to do some white boarding of some of these definitions of grace packed in my noggin, and I have about five of them to start. There are five songs that go with each definition as well.

The first definition is the imaginary classroom chat above:

The experience of grace is not something we earn, it is overwhelming, and almost always fun. ~

K. Cooper, M.A.

The song “Kind and Generous”as sung by Natalie Merchant is my go

Natalie Merchant, photo source unknown

to song that guts out this particular feeling that something huge

(in a good way,

like being snagged by a handsome young graduate student twenty years ago this fall,

or seeing your child wake up in a recovery room,

or hearing from two seperate friends that an organ donation had finally arrived,

or…you tell me! I’d love to hear an example from your life as well).

You Tube the song if you like – Ms. Merchant is a lovely dancer and funky dresser as well.

Happy Autumn ~ Kate.


National Organ Donor Day: Mark Your Calendar!

Yesterday after reading somewhere that this is Mental Health Week, I did a little search and found that there are lots of weeks and months that celebrate and advocate health and fairness in this realm.

(yeah, rah, rah…clang clang I say!)

As a fan and member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, I also noticed that they have a promotion for either a Mental Health Awareness week, or month that probably is promoted along with their NAMI walk in the fall. Darn if I haven’t visited that awesome website in far too long.


I’m going to try and make the little word “mental health” at the bottom of my page bigger this week, and I plan to pump that baby up proud and tall in the fall to help promote the NAMI walk, which will be local for me this year (yeah, rah,rah…clang clang I say!)

But…I’m also curious now to find out that this is Stalking Awareness Month, National Birth Defects Prevention Month, National Glaucoma Prevention Month, Cervical Health Awareness Month, Radon Effects Month, and Thyroid Awareness Month.

And…I invite you to click on any of those blue months to go to the links that were built with hard work and care, while I get off the computer and make eye and OBGyn appointments!

Oh. First I’m going to ask Google Calendar to remind me about National Organ Donor Day for February 14 !