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AP wire: Fatal Shooting at Empire State Building

In the longer post I just put up, I researched muppet images. My hope was to sweep away my worry and sadness about current and very real cosmic powers of darkness.

Because it was fun, and my sons are safely in their corners of the world for a few more short hours, It helped.

A lot.

Yet, at exactly the same time, folks were gunned down in Grover’s own fair city.

“Fatal Shooting at Empire State Building” 

~ New York TImes, AP report, 45 minutes ago

Saints preserve us.

“Mahna”Stands for “m” of Course!

Made up “M” word of the day…

Mahna (v.) : To get up off your duff and dance, sing, groove and generally take yourself and the world less seriously for a minimum of a minute or two.

Eg: What fool could watch the Muppets, during any point in their history as premier entertainers, without getting his or her “Mahna Mahna” groove on for at least a short while?

Think That Celery is Uninspirational? Try Again

Have you read the best first sentence?

Oh. Come. On. No??

Got it. Not everyone is interested in beautiful sentences. Nor is the whole world into the beautiful simplicity of reading  tales about ordinary life spun by Ann Tyler, but give this paragraph from Ladder of Years a chance.



This all started on a Saturday morning in May, one of those warm spring days that smell like clean linen. Delia had gone to the supermarket to shop for the week’s meals. She was standing in the produce section, languidly choosing a bunch of celery. Grocery stores always made her reflective. Why was it, she was wondering, that celery was not called ‘corduroy plant’? That would be much more colorful. And garlic bulbs should be ‘moneybags,’ because their shape reminded her of the sacks of gold coins in folktales.

Pure genius, right?

Even if you aren’t a quirky Accidental Tourist fan who delights in sublime oddities, Tyler’s character Delia has a message for you, and you, and, yes – you too!

As I mentioned yesterday, taking the time to use a good old-fashioned pen and lined paper to do some of my work was the highlight of my day. It was like running into a safe and secure old friend who would only ever laugh with my eccentricities, not at them. By the end of the day though, I was out of amazement.

Thankfully, by morning, my Clementine looked like a Nerf ball, and I now imagine pears as light bulbs.

Eccentric? Nah. Reflective.

The thing is that insight is good for



As a matter of fact, my favorite definition of the severely mentally ill is: those who cannot reflect and gain insight. That would be painful indeed.

Need more proof that taking a pause is good for, well, everything?

Check out this old school Sesame Video and dare to not smile at the sight of the beloved Mr. Hooper:

Not your thing? Hope on over to you tube and check out Emmy Lou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Sheryl Crow crooning about the therapeutic value of making a buckeye necklace.

Prefer a manly point of view? Enjoy Johnny Cash and a gentle reminder to be thankful for what comes from above, and what is right here in the flesh.

Agree that the lyrics to Johnny’s song are beautiful? Here they are: Flesh and Blood.