A Poem Saying: Slow Down and Remember You are Royal

I have a poem that I want to share in this post.

It is by a professor and writer who I met last week named Erin Bertram.

In fourteen lines, this poem, to me, says pretty much I’d like this blog to be all about.

I know that poetry isn’t for everyone. It’s usually pretty obtuse. Yet, I’m glad to be reminded that I like really, really good poetry because it slows me down. Most writing spells out the authors message and doesn’t make the reader work hard to understand what the writer hopes to impress on the reader. 

The bold and italic marks are mine, not hers. They highlight what I first heard when Erin read it at a gathering. When I asked if what she was saying was – “life’s in the here in now, so grab it if you can,” and she smiled and said “yes!”

Lucky me, she gave me a whole booklet of her poems the next day. Thanks Erin! And thanks family for nudging me down the sidewalk and saying “go make some friends!”

[We Are All Of Us Adorned With Crowns]

~ Erin M. Bertram

There are five forms of lightning:heat,ball,ribbon,forked,

Sheet. We are all of us adorned with crowns. Take my hand

& consider it tender, consider it, slack-jawed & open palmed,

Most days entirely capable.When you leave for work mornings,

Leave your necessaries strewn across the dresser as leaves

Mid-November & wanting. Sundry nights disrobe wildly & call me

By my given name, the one everyone knows but few harness

Into use. Make my parents proud. This life in all it’s tattered glare

Offers up more than I can chew, a fact I’ve come slowly,

& not without fight or requisite scar, to accept. Scattershot,

Lift your head to the sutures of exhaust in the sky & recite

All the things your hands have moved gently over. The fault lines

Of our all but sullied hands. To body the many shifts of an afternoon.

To be the thing which in the distance does the vanishing.


Would St. Mary Have Preferred a Minivan?

Wow. A few days back to our old home gave me a million post ideas to write. Now to pull them out of my head.

Yet, the life of a mom is such that:

a favorite toy got lost in the joy, I forgot to give several gifts, no cards went out, and I am even less of a “cool” mom on the teen front. In addition, I woke to the sound of barfing, the puppy seems constipated, and the other dog has a bum paw.

This Facebook post from a friend made me smile so much this morning. I think anyone who has been born into a family will enjoy it. It’s about Jesus but even if you aren’t Christian, my guess is that you have seen kids fight and speechless mom’s somewhere in your corner of the world.

Here it is:

Yesterday morning (two days post Christmas) after M. (1st grade) spoke sharply to her sister sister C.(almost 4).

(Now imagine a speechless mom Mom yelling M’s full name and adding extra middle names)

Mom to M.: Do you think Jesus would talk to His little sister like that ?

M. flounces haughtily out of the room and over her shoulder throws at Mom —

” Jesus didn’t have a little sister!”

Which brings me to two questions to ponder among the clean up, Nerf bullets and tree sparkle:

Did Mary and Joseph have other rug rats to raise and enjoy?

And, is it lucky for Mary that they didn’t have a minivan?

(After this year’s travel in close quarters I’m sort of debating this one. Car vs. Van…tough on the parents either way.)?

p.s. This is my favorite season. Many of us are in the afterglow of the bright lights and on the road to Epiphany ‘s quiet again. Just sayin’.