Oops! I Forgot to Explain “reblogging”

Oops! I think I may have unintentionally grabbed lots of fame and attention from other writers. So, if you are one of the people who read my wanderings who don’t spend hours a day reading and writing blogs,

if you see reblogged from “yada cool other blog that Kate would like to promote,”
there is a magical WordPress button that automatically pops that persons hours of work onto my blog.

Thursdays and weekends seem to be the only time I’m finding of late to read others blogs, let alone promote, so

there you are! My secret is out…one of the many things I’m learning about being a nice writer is to be a promoter of cool work from others.

On the topic…I am now going to reblog from a veteran writer that has been kind enough to leave glowing (blush) comments and a couple of encouraging emails. I clicked on his blog to read because I was looking for something to help me understand the multiple athletes in my life, runners in particular. I love them, but honestly, I don’t get the “Phew…just ran six miles, boy was that fun.”

Mmm. Not me.

I also, I think have already reblogged this one, but will am so in love with the photography of another one that I’m going to stick up that contain photos, not just of Ireland, but parts of Ireland that are a stone’s throw from the village (Millstreet, County Cork) that all of my Irish Grandparents emigrated from back in the day.

thanks! Kate