Reflections from an old Zoo Keeper


More from the book Hannah’s Dream by Diane Hammond that I finished last weekend:

An elderly zoo keeper to her to the man

she entrusts as an elephant caretaker:

” ‘ I’ve lived a long time, Mr. Brown, longer than most. I should be grateful – indeed, I am grateful. And yet, I would give everything, everything, to do it all again.’ …

Max Biedleman stood sihlouetted in the parlor window, silent. Finally she said, ‘Do you know what I’ve been thinking lately? I’ve been thinking that we’re animals, like any others-we senesce, we sink into decrepitude just as they do. But I’ve wondered if it isn’t our special hell that we are able to register the swift passage of time, the lightening speed of it all, and the absoluteness with which it is gone…

indeed, the world is a finer place

when one sees it from the back of an elephant.‘ “

Boredom Buttons by guest author Marti Sawyer



G’morning. Sorry that the book title is cut short…it’s “Hannah’s Dream.”

Hannah is an elephant. It’s a sweet, funny story like “Water for Elephants.”

Here is what one of the characters, a zoo PR guy who just bought a pet pig for his son says after a zoo care taker tells him that he has to stay up all night in a bathroom with a vaporizer, rectal thermometer, and said pig.

“My parents are attorneys. I hold advanced degrees in business and English literature. I have never pictured myself as a swineherd.”
“Then it’s a perfect personal growth opportunity.”

That cracks me up.

Check out what one of my smarty pants college friends came up with in a boredom busting moment.

Marti’s boredom Buttons

My family is taking me to the beach!


My family is taking me to the beach!

My new glasses. The student that I worked with, like most Kindergarteners, had strong color choice opinions. Since my job involved insisting that he do things that were frightening, embarrassing, or utterly boring, I chose color choice as a side battle. Friendly discourse. It helped me anyway. He was an unmovable fan of the color brown. After a few days of testing each other out, he whisper asked what my favorite color is and my answer at the moment was “the rainbow.” “….and your favorite color is the rainbow ” became code for “I’m not mad at you for now Mrs. Cooper.”

It is always nice to be given a break.