I. Prefer. Epiphany. You?

Three guesses as to why I love Epiphany (the story of the Three Kings visiting Jesus and the end of the christian Christmas season) more than any feast day? Some visuals to help you guess:

Hints 1&2:

favorite wresting toy...or NBA 2012? Or was it the Nerf launch thingy?

"Aunt Kate I 'only" asked Santa for a baby doll with a green popsicle...and...and..." 🙂

Hints three and fore!


Seriously, leave a comment…most folks I know love Christmas the best. What say you about why some of us don’t like to let go of the Magi story?

2 thoughts on “I. Prefer. Epiphany. You?

  1. You and your brother Jackie, and it’s a good thing! Y’all are a powerful team. Am working on the last of the clean up this weekend. Phew…grand celebration it was!

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