What She Said

Why didn’t anyone tell me that there is such a thing as virtual highlighter pens? I love those things IRL. (IRL= like, “in real life”)

I got  up early this morning to read and highlight some things that I’ve said in this blog.

I hand wrote them in my journal, and learned to highlight quotes.

Yellow for me, pink for what another gal said that rocks the, well, my world anyway.

Here is what I found:

It’s because I’m reminded that prayer is so real,

and so doable.  ~ Kate Cooper

(from Forgiveness Friday:Compassionate Prayer Relies on Self-Care)

Pardon my French again, but without the occasional fifteen seconds of feeling overwhelmed with trust that my children are safe, will be safe, and that they are being safe, parenting would only be scary shit. ~ Kate Cooper

(from Forgiveness Friday: Parents need help feeling safe)

 I tried not to snarl, but I don’t think I did a swell job at hiding my disdain.


By sharing joy, strangers and friends alike get a window seat view to the truth which is that God wants us to experience life, no matter how dark, bright, soft or prickly. ~ Kate Cooper

(from Surviving Desolation)

I’ll bet parenting isn’t the only thing that creates a sudden surge of, “oh yeah…I remember that.” ~ Kate Cooper

(from Moment of Teen Gush)

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